A Better Mousetrap

This is a true story
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12/21/23 10:00pm CDT
Current count: 208

The past few months I have been beset with a serious rodent infestation, which may sound odd because I have 2 cats. John Mosby had spent her first couple of years in a cat colony (my vet suspected) as she had a clipped ear (Google it). Initially, she was a great hunter when I finally got her inside, but I think I inadvertently trained her to ignore them, cuz I would take them away from her (mostly successfully) and release them outside.

My pesky mice had done nothing they deserved to die for, so I didn't want to call an exterminator or use kill traps. As an alternative, I ordered 4 humane mousetraps from Home Depot (Internet #202668291, Victor Model #M333, Store SKU #518867). Despite experimenting with various baits and placements, they were notoriously ineffective.

My only remaining option was to try to build a better one, because they were literally running all over the place. I have indeed succeeded.
Ironically, the box I'm using for the capture device contained the traps from Home Depot when they were delivered. So I guess I got my money's worth after all.
The video below shows my test run.

The original video is at http://brazda.com/video/TXG2308-ABetterMousetrap.mp4

It took awhile to get it working right IRL. Those little buggers are FAST. It's a lot like fishing where the timing has to be right setting the hook.

I've found I need to wait for them to go up onto the rim of the bowl, and when they make their first move downwards toward the food - that's when to yank the string. They're landing on their front feet and can't jump out quickly.
My capture rate is now close to 100%.

All captives have been successfully transported outside to my woodpile (below) where they will have many new friends, and also a likely reunion with the other residents evicted from 6577.

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